Cheveox Hair Nutrient
Pack size : 100 ml. in glass bottle
Patent No. 564

- Non-chemically promote healthier hair growth
- Nourish hair scalp and hair
- Reduce excessive hair loss
- Optimizes fine or thin hair

Spray onto the scalp in the area of hair thinning and leave on.

FAQ for Cheveox Hair Nutrient 

1) Is it safe to use Cheveox Hair Nutrient ?
Ans. It is safe as Cheveox Products are researched by Pharmaceutical Faculty of No.1 University in Thailand. Cheveox product was tested by Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health. As Cheveox Hair Nutrient is free from chemical substance, therefore it is suitable for people at any age.

2) Can Cheveox Hair Nutrient turn gray hair to black hair ?
Ans. Cheveox Hair Nutrient contains Black Eyed Pea Extract which helps to darken your hair naturally by using twice a day.

3) What are the ingredients of Cheveox Hair Nutrient ?
Ans. Cheveox Hair Nutrient ‘s main ingredients are Ginseng, Black Eyed Pea, Chrysanthemum Extracts patented as special formula.

4) Is Cheveox Hair Nutrient work for hereditary thinning hair ?
Ans. Yes, people with hereditary thinning hair would use Cheveox earlier for optimal results, as it is genealogical factor. Hair loss of this cause may occur at early age, and prevention is recommended.

5) How often should I shampoo my hair ?
Ans. We should shampoo our hair every two days, better in the morning. It is not necessary to shampoo hair everyday, as shampooing too often can wash out keratin and causes dry hair.
Cheveox Remedy Shampooo is delicate to our hair and it is recommended to use together with Cheveox Hair Nutrient for optimal results.

6) Can I use hair styling product together with Cheveox Hair Nutrient ?
Ans. Hair styling product can be used after applying Cheveox Hair Nutrient in the morning. Anyway, Cheveox Hair Nutrient is used focus on scalp as the herbal essence would nourish deeply to hair follicles, while any hair styling product is used on hair itself.


7) Does Cheveox Hair nutrient have any smell ?                                                                                                          

Ans. It contains no perfume & no coloring added, therefore the smell of natural herbs would stay only 5 minutes.

8) How to keep Cheveox in good condition ?
Ans. It can be kept in 3 years with normal temperature. It is better to avoid direct sunlight.

9) Besides using Cheveox Product, any suggestions to keep our hair healthy ?
Ans. Have enough sleep, reduce stress, minimize hair dye, do not comb your hair while it is wet. For hair nutrition, consume black sesame, pumpkin, sun flower seeds which are good to your hair. For supplementary, take Vitamin B complex, Zince to keep our hair healthy.



 Cheveox Remedy Shampoo

Pack size : 250 ml.

Benefit : Delicate Shampoo Helps to reduce hair loss Helps strengthen & detangle hair Painless brushing No SLS No Silicone

Direction : Apply on wet hair. Massage gently on hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Use with CHEVEOX Hair Nutrient for best results.

FAQ for Cheveox Remedy Shampoo
1)    Why Cheveox Remedy Shampoo is suitable to hair falling ?
Ans.  Cheveox Remedy Shampoo is herbal shampoo which is free from SLS and SLES, therefore it is delicate to scalp. It contains herbal extracts the same formula as Cheveox Hair Nutrient. Cheveox Remedy Shampoo can stop hair falling within 3 weeks.

2)    How often should I shampoo my hair ?
Ans. It should be use every 2 days or even daily if you’d like. It is better to shampoo in the morning.
Cheveox Remedy Shampooo is delicate to our hair and it is recommended to use together with Cheveox Hair Nutrient for optimal results.

3)    If the scalp is itchy, can I use Cheveox Remedy Shampoo ?
Ans. Yes, it can reduce the scalp itchiness as Cheveox Remedy Shampoo contains no Silicone like other shampoo.  

4)    Do I need to use hair conditioner after shampoo ?
Ans. We should not use hair conditioner. As hair conditioner contains “SILICONE.”  Silicone
will coat your scalp and makes the scalp itchy and cause hair falls. Silicone coating on our hair will make our hair greasy and cannot be washed out.
   Anyway, if you’d still like to use conditioner,  avoid to    
   use on the scalp area.

5)    Will I get the tangled hair after shampoo ?
Ans. No. After using Cheveox Remedy Shampoo, it is “PAINLESS BRUSH” even while your hair is still getting wet. So you can brush your hair right away after shampoo with untangled hair.

6)    Can a child use Cheveox Remedy Shampoo?
Ans. Yes, A child can also use it as it is mild and natural.


Cheveox Eyebrow Roll-on

Pack size : 8 ml. in roll-on bottle
Patent No.3243

- Thickening and darkening eyebrows, beard and moustache
- For thin eyebrows, gray eyebrow, permanent eyebrows tattoo

After cleansing face, rolls onto eyebrows directly twice a day.

FAQ for Cheveox Eyebrows Roll-on
1)    Who should use Cheveox Eyebrow Roll-on ?
Ans. People with thin eyebrows, with permanent eyebrows tattoo, with gray eyebrows, with eyebrow loss problem.  

2)      Can Cheveox Eyebrow Roll-on use to grow beard, moustache and sideburns ?
Ans. Yes, it can be used with beard, moustache, sideburns and chest hair.

3)    Cheveox Eyebrow Roll-on can helps the eyebrows darkened or thickened ?
Ans. The eyebrows, beard, and moustache will be both darkened and thickened after using Cheveox Eyebrow Roll-on within 1-2 bottle.

4)    Is there any side effect ?
Ans. There is no side effect as it is chemical free. The product is tested by Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health.

5)    Can I use eyebrow pencil while using Eyebrow Roll-on ?
Ans. Yes, make-up can be done as usual. It is better to apply Eyebrow Roll-on with cleansing face, leave it dry for 1-2 minutes before applying your usual day or night cream.

6)    Is there any stain left after applying Eyebrow Roll-on ?
Ans. There will be no stain left after applying Eyebrow Roll-on as there is no coloring in the product.

7)    Will I feel any uncomfortable on my face after using Eyebrow Roll-on ?
Ans. No, as it will dry quick, leave no stain and not oily.

8)    Can I change the curve of my eyebrows ?
Ans. Cheveox Eyebrow Roll-on helps to thicken your eyebrows and the eyebrows can be trim up to the style you like.

9)    Can gray eyebrows turn black with Eyebrow Roll-on ?
Ans. Yes, it gradually turns black by using twice a day.

10)    Can it be used more than twice a day ?
Ans. It can be used more than twice a day

11)     Why should I choose Cheveox Product ?
Ans. Cheveox Eyebrow Roll-on is researed product from The Top-3 University, contains no chemical ingredient, no perfume added, no parabens,
no artificial colours.

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